Saturday, February 2, 2013

Your Hit Parade - Complete NBC broadcast 1951

Here's a real nostalgia trip for anyone who had TV in the early 1950's. The Lucky Strike Hit Parade was a Saturday night ritual at our house. Quite a few kinescope recordings of this live TV show survive. This one from 1951 includes hit songs like "Shrimp Boats", "Tell Me Why", "Garden in the Rain" and the number one song of the week......sorry, you'll have to watch to find out. 

Dorothy Collins was a featured performer throughout most of the 9 year run of the show. This broadcast also feature Eileen Wilson. And who can forget Snooky Lanson? 

Many talented people worked behind the scenes to make this show a hit. Raymond Scott directed the orchestra. Norman Jewison was one of the directors. Bob Fosse was a featured dancer and did choreography. I believe it is him dancing to a Lucky Strike Extra - "Dinah" in this broadcast.

The cigarette commercials are intact on this broadcast. Settle back, relax, and enjoy this show. But, please don't light up a Lucky.

"So long for awhile, that's all the songs for awhile...."

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